Saturday, October 30, 2021

Tales of Terror

          The spooky season is fully upon us.  It is a time of mysteries and horrors the likes of which would be mere fancies at other times of the year. During this season it has become cliched for retro game enthusiasts to use Halloween as a time to discuss scary, or at least scary adjacent, games.  This has become very well tread territory and, at the end of the day, my thoughts on Resident Evil, Splatterhouse, or Superman 64 would not really add anything to the discourse.  Instead, I thought we could take a different approach.  Rather than talk about a game that is intentionally scary, we will take a look at something in gaming that I, at one point at least, found scary.  So join me after the break as we find out what it was that I found terrifying and probably have a good laugh at past me's expense.